Use WordPress to Build and Manage Your Clients’ Websites

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Use WordPress to Build and Manage Your Clients’ Websites

As an agency, there are numerous ways to build a website for a client, but the best option is to choose a platform that provides maximum value. Are you getting the most out of your current website builder? Is it helping you reach your growth goals? If not, it may be time to consider switching to WordPress as your main website builder and content management system (CMS).

One common misconception about WordPress is that it’s merely a blogging platform. While this is where WordPress began, it has since evolved into a powerful, open-source website builder. Today, WordPress powers about one-third of all websites, a testament to the platform’s popularity, functionality, and versatility. Some of the most well-known WordPress websites include Facebook, Target, Time Magazine, Disney, and more.

Still not sure which website builder is best for your agency? Here are the top reasons to use WordPress.

Get Started for Free

It’s free to download, install, use, and modify WordPress software. All you need is your client’s existing domain and hosting plan access to move the site over to WordPress.

Customize with Themes and Plugins

Business owners with drastically different needs and goals are all attracted to WordPress because of its flexibility. There are thousands of themes to choose from, making it possible to build a tremendous variety of websites. A few examples include blogs, business websites, job boards, online stores, business directories, question-and-answer sites, and much more.

Even after you select an appropriate theme, you can continue to customize it with your business logo, colors, background, and more. Then, plugins allow for advanced features, such as contact forms, password-protected membership areas, analytics, and more.

Sometimes a readily available WordPress theme isn’t a good fit for your company. In this case, we highly recommend choosing an outside web development company to help you design, implement, and manage a WordPress website professionally and affordably.

Rank Highly in Search Engine Results

Google tends to rank WordPress websites higher than those built on other platforms, because WordPress is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Not only is this website builder SEO-friendly out of the box, but you can further optimize using plugins that direct even more traffic to your site. Your clients will adore you for their increased rankings on Google.

Easily Manage Site Updates

WordPress software is continually updated to improve the user experience behind the scenes. Website owners receive an automatic notification when a new version of WordPress becomes available, which can be downloaded with the click of a button. These updates allow you to quickly update content, share images and embed videos on behalf of your clients.

Display Various Content Types

In addition to images, text content and video embeds, WordPress supports easy embedding of other platforms, like an Instagram photo feed, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio clips, and more.

Keep Your Clients’ Websites Secure

WordPress is developed with security in mind, but no website is 100% infallible against intruders. Still, you can help keep your WordPress website secure by implementing best practices and creating contingency plans. For instance, you can protect your clients’ data from accidents and hacking by using a WordPress backup plugin to automatically generate and store strategic backups in a remote location.

Get Help Building Your WordPress Website

While anyone can build a WordPress website, you’ll improve your clients’ online presence by using an outsourced web development company. Integrateideas, LLC is a full-stack, on-demand web developer with years of experience building client products and in-house technology solutions. WordPress is one of our specialties, so whether you need custom website development, plugin development, or API integration, we have you covered. Focus on doing what you do best, growing your clients’ businesses, and let us do the rest!

To schedule a consultation with Integrateideas, LLC, please call (888) 904-8185 or send us a message today.

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