Foundations Package

Foundations Package

What makes your practice special?

You have built something truly amazing and we believe that showcasing your clinic and your team members with video is a puzzle piece that will complete your online presence. As healthcare practice owners ourselves, we have trialed many modes of video and have narrowed down the package of content that we believe will pour gasoline on the fire that you’ve already created with your online marketing strategy. You can lean into our experience for a turnkey plan for your video needs, but if you already have ideas about the type and placement of the content you want created, then we are all ears as well!

Video Is a Digital Marketing Strategy’s Best Friend

Rather than capturing content and THEN deciding how to use it, we prefer to do this in reverse. You already have an effective online strategy to attract new patients and our goal is to create the video and photos that will make search engines (and patients) love you even more!

The content we will capture can be used to boost your:

  • Website Home Page
  • Website Service Pages
  • Website Our Team Page
  • Website Location Page
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Paid Digital Ads
  • Marketing Print Material

The Full Foundations Package Includes:

We aim to produce 8-10 videos and 10-20 professional photos, dependent on the type of content we are able to capture at your shoot. You will get a mix of the videos below and more weight can be put on one type if you know that you need them.

Provider Biography Videos

  • Interviews with providers are used in many of the videos below, but can also be edited into a standalone interview and introduction. They can be implemented into:
    • The website under the “Our Team” page
    • Social media

Primary Service Videos

  • What services do you want everyone to know you offer? These are good for explaining to the patient what you do, why it benefits them, and what they can expect when they move forward with this service. The more in depth you go, the better the video! This can be implemented into:
    • The website under the the individual service pages
    • Social media for education and what patients can expect
    • Newsletters

“Hero” Video

  • This video will be the first thing people see when going to your website and we recommend this as a “must have”. This video is beneficial to:
    • Welcome people to your practice!
    • Introduce people to the location and what the office looks like
    • Introduce people to the providers
    • It is an excellent video to utilize an ad budget for on social platforms

FAQ Videos

  • Let’s answer some commonly asked questions your patients may have!
    • The more the better!
    • Examples might be: When should I get my hearing tested? Is hearing really connected to cognitive health? How do I get my parent to come in for a test?
    • These are also excellent for an ad budget on social!

Location Video

  • We use drone footage to make sure your practice is easy to find.
    • You can use this on your website location page
    • Embed a link to the video in your welcome emails

Big Announcement Videos

  • If you had any exciting news to share with patients in your interview these are perfect for:
    • Social Media
    • Newsletters
    • The website if applicable


  • Provider and team member headshots
  • Front office, waiting room and exterior shots
  • Action shots with patients

How To Prepare?

Don’t worry, we will prep you for your big day:

  • A team member will schedule a video call with you to
    • Schedule the filming day
    • Get to know your practice and filming goals
    • Go over the pricing and the contract
    • Brainstorm with you which videos will be shot
    • Plan the schedule for the film day

What Does a Film Day Look Like?

Type of content we will acquire:

  • Provider and team member interviews
  • B-roll (This is supplemental background footage of your day to day operations)
  • Drone Footage
  • Patient Testimonials

How to plan your day:

As healthcare practice owners ourselves, we know that stopping production for a day would not be ideal. We want to have as little disruption to your patient schedule as possible on film day. There will be a pre-shoot call where we will plan out the schedule for the day, but assume that each key team member should be blocked for 30 minutes for their interview and discussion of services. Besides that block, they can see patients as usual. We recommend that you reach out ahead of time to the patients booked for that day to ask them if they would mind being on film. Additionally, if you have any patients that are particularly great ambassadors for you, they can be invited to the shoot to catch a testimonial. We will include a release form that you can have them sign that day. If anyone is not open to it, we can simply not film them or you can ask to schedule them on another day.

Sample Schedule

  • 11:00-11:30 Videographer arrives and sets up
  • 11:30-12:00: 1st Provider interview and headshot
  • 12:00-12:30: 2nd Provider interview and headshot
  • 12:30-1:00: 3rd Provider interview and headshot
  • 1:00-1:30: 1st Patient testimonial
  • 1:30-2:00: 2nd Patient testimonial
  • 2:00-2:30: Team member interviews and B-roll
  • 2:30-3:00: Drone footage and exterior shots

We look forward to capturing your story!

Please fill out the contact form and a team member will reach out shortly.

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